Saturday, 28 May 2016

Babysitting Only It's Not a Human! :)

Awwww I am officially the luckiest lady alive as I'm babysitting my dog's brother ... So .... Instead of one Jack Russell fur baby to look after, I'm now looking after two and so far I'm loving every second of it ... Eddie baby dog has a brother named Gonzo, they are both so cute together too! They're both fast asleep at the moment in the living room beside me .... They've had a busy evening playing shred the football and go out for a pee just because and eat each other's food LOL ... OMG I had no idea how two together could be so adorable .... They are so beautiful .... I think Gonzo is missing his mummy so I'm trying to reassure him with the same amount of cuddles as I give to Eddie ... I don't want to make either one feel left out ... I've got next week off work too which I'm very much looking forward to .... I'm hoping the weather will be good enough to take them out and enjoy every second with them ... They're so well behaved .... It's so quiet here too, it's gone 1 in the morning and there's not a sound outside or inside ... I did wonder if I might have to deal with a bit more noise, but no .... Only time they bark at the moment is if they hear someone outside and think they are walking up the pathway ... They're not, it's just one dog barks and the other follows suit ... Monkey see, monkey do kind of thing and oh, by the way, Gonzo's farts are rank!! LOL ... This sweet little fuzz bum is crashed out next to me and farting The Bluebells Of Scotland!! ... OMG the little guy is skunking my nostrils big style .... Smelly little pooch ....I thought Eddie could let the stinkies fly but Gonzo is light years ahead!! 

So, aside the fact that Gonzo is melting my eyebrows through farting merrily away, all's good :) ... I'm waiting for my youngest son to come home after a night out and my eldest won't be home til the morning as the poor lad is working night shift ... 16 hours tonight, I honestly don't know where he gets his stamina and energy from ... He reminds me of a Duracell Bunny!! 

I've been making tags but haven't uploaded any on here for a while so I thought I would share my latest one .... I'm quite pleased with this one :) 

Goodnight, sweet dreams xox

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Been Making Some Stuff Today...

It's Saturday night, just gone half past midnight, as per our weekend routine, I'm being totally rock and roll staying up way past my bedtime drinking tea and Photoshopping ... I wanted to make something different from what I usually do in between bouts of housework earlier so I made some quotes which I will post further down this blog entry.... I woke up this morning and despite the pain which is always there to different degrees, I felt pretty good, which makes a pleasant and most welcome change as last weekend I felt like dog shit .... This weekend I have managed to get quite a lot done so I'm pleased I managed to do what I did .... As in true British style, it's supposed to be summer and the heating is on, the onesie is fluffy and my slippers are soft and comfy lol ... We were having some wonderful weather here but it has all gone tits up for now ... I have a feeling it won't last too long, maybe another week of it at the most, then fingers crossed some more beautiful sunshine for us ... 

Ok, I have been asked by a couple of friends how I make my tags etc .... I used to use Paint Shop Pro, it is brilliant but I am more comfy on Photoshop ... So much so that Paint Shop Pro is never used at all ... I can't remember the last time I used it .... I also have a selection of fantastic plugins... Animation wise I use various software, the most used is Jasc Animation Shop ... Please beware if you are new to this and are looking around on the internet for Jasc ... It's old software, but it's a God send as it is so easy and flexible and simple too .... There are downloads out there for Jasc but not all are legit .... I downloaded it many years ago, I wish I could remember where from ... But make sure your download is safe.  I also use other animation makers, but not as often ... 

A lot of tags are made using templates too, there's thousands out there, I think I downloaded mine from a creative misfits blogspot account .... I don't know if it's still running but if you Google "creative misfits blogspot" it should hopefully guide you to the right place ... If you do have any questions, then leave a comment for me, I'll gladly try and help with anything .... 

As far as the sarcoidosis goes, today hasn't been too bad at all, I do keep getting this sensation like something is placing pressure on my throat, a bit like being held in a choke hold, very mild though, but still noticeable and irritating ... I can swallow fine, my throat isn't sore but my glands do feel swollen in that area .... It's odd but everywhere I experience a lot of pain is where my lymph nodes are .... There's specific areas in your elbows where they are and in your groin, those exact spots are where the pain really is prevalent for me ... I think pain and fatigue are my main and worse symptoms ... To be honest I'm thankful ... I could be so much worse off, if I have to live in pain for the rest of my life then that's the way it is, I can try and do what I can to distract myself from it and to try and ease it .... It's not the end of the world for me ... I do realize I am very lucky and I appreciate all the really good things and people in my life.

Ok ..... So these quotes then LOL ... Here they are :) 

Goodnight, sweet dreams xoxo :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Up Late, So Thought I'd Blog

Been a little while since I last blogged, so just thought I would update as I'm up late and wide awake at the moment, it's been a bit of an up and down kind of time, I've made some decisions that might have shocked a few people but to me, they were wise decisions after much thought.... I don't think I made the wrong decisions for all concerned, some may argue that, but I'm sure pretty much from my side of the fence anyway .... Unless you actually know me and everything about me, you probably wouldn't understand my decision making .... I spent too many years of my life treated like I was a convenience, a cushion and someone who would always be there, no matter how shit our situation made me feel ... It's not entirely this person's fault either, it was a very painful and traumatic situation for all parties involved and not something I wish to live again in any form ... I was overshadowed all the time, expected almost to just take whatever each day brought, never to be accepted I guess ... I refuse to do that again.  It simply isn't worth the sacrifice to your self worth, your health both mentally and physically and to really lose yourself in something you have no say in and no way of knowing which way to turn to try and make it remotely improve, is just not a road I would advise anyone to take in life for the sake of trying to "be there" for someone you love and care for.... By all means be supportive and do what you can, but don't sink yourself trying to keep other's afloat ... They need to help themselves and not completely depend on you for that.

I've also noticed some trolling going on in terms of my Facebook account ... It's pathetic, I've much better things to focus my time and energy on .... So ... If you are out to cause drama and trouble on social media, don't honestly ever expect me to become a part of that and help and assist you .... You're on your own sunshine ..... I've dealt with one too many lunatics and idiots online in my time to ever wish to become embroiled in more shit.  

In terms of the sarcoidosis, well it's still there LOL .... I've had my painkiller dosage altered to a stronger dose, which is thankfully helping quite a bit .... I'm also trying very hard to keep going, anyone in pain and/or with a chronic illness will understand and appreciate fully just how hard that can sometimes be.  Work is great ... Still happy, still enjoying what I do ... 

I'm not sure if I have already mentioned this previously, but my mum is now confirmed as having dementia, I saw her earlier today and she really isn't well at all .... It's so sad seeing her like this now ... She's always been so energetic, so busy, always on the go and dashing about, razor sharp minded and seeing her reduced to who she is now, it's so cruel .... This really isn't what my mum deserves .... I just wish life hadn't been so cruel to her lately ... When I first got told about her diagnosis, I must admit I did fall apart a little bit ... I needed to feel like there was some support there, it didn't feel like it truly was and I felt quite alone .... I spent last weekend mostly in bed sick, thanks to pain and fatigue, I just could have done with something, yes I have got my sons but I don't want to be a nuisance or burden on them, they are both young and should be enjoying their life now, while they can .... At their age it's an adventure ... They should enjoy every second ... I try and encourage that and the last thing I want is them worrying about me .... 

So that's basically it .... I see my rheumatologist in a few weeks, so will mention the pain as usual, the fatigue and end up feeling disgruntled and frustrated as usual, no doubt it'll be like talking to someone who doesn't give a shit, will probably be in a hurry like always and tell me how well I look just for good measure to rub salt in the wound a bit more ... I hope he will at least have the time of day for me, being that I haven't seen this man in many months now ... 

I have been making graphics too, but will upload them at another time, but if you want to see them then all you need to do is click on the link at the top of the page titled "My Glitter Graphics Profile" or here if you don't feel like scrolling up LOL 

Goodnight, sweet dreams and thank you for popping by! :) 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Online Bullying

It's been a little while since I last blogged and since then my thoughts have been turned to bullying online, not just young people but adults too ... There seems to be  a minimal support network out there in terms of kids being bullied online,  I think there could be much more to help them too ... But what about adults? ... We get bullied and trolled too .... Where's the help? I've experienced several incidents over the years whereby I, along with friends of mine have been bullied by haters ... Some for no reason whatsoever just took an immediate and instant dislike to me ... I know it happens but I don't know why ... I get that we all aren't going to see eye to eye and get along but I don't understand the bullying side ... We are supposed to be adults...... Mature, seasoned adults and yet these people take to behaving like spoiled brats and spiteful playground children and drama queens .... Let me offer you some examples here..... Many years ago when Bebo was very popular I had an account ... I made what I thought was a good friend on there only to constantly be caught up in her drama, back then I thought she was being bullied because people were jealous of her, only to discover a few years ago, she is in fact a lying, manipulative bitch who targeted individuals for the sake of creating her make believe drama and oh feel sorry for me crap .... She was so cruel to these people, I've since learned that these people I am referring to are good people, they're so nice .... They were rounded up on by her because they knew she was a fake and tried to warn those close to her online ... I wouldn't listen to them, defending her to the hilt no matter the cost and I paid a high price along with those she singled out and bullied and lied about .... Since this woman has been out of my life, my online life has been bliss, no drama in the Bebo crowd as I call them as they are my long term online friends and I love them all dearly ... I've gotten to know these friends online who are actually so very nice and kind, they are no trouble at all, always sweet and I am so glad to be back in contact with them, especially the most recent ... I just wish I could turn the clock back and do it all different ... I'd never have gotten involved with this vile bully .... I cut her out my life over 2 years ago and she still trolls me on Facebook .... It's silly, she does it purely for the drama and attention ... She craves sympathy all the time, seeking attention through lies and stirring up shit .... At the end of the day people will believe what they want to believe, the day will come when they too grow tired of her shit and cut her out as well ... Until then it's their choice being friends with her, I hope she doesn't do the same to them that she's done to me and to my friends, but I doubt she will refrain from playing her games with them too .... She faked her identity, used the date my husband died as her fake birthday, pretended she was getting engaged/married and was young, blonde and beautiful ... I get that we use fake images as our profile photo's on social media, that's understandable to first of all protect our real identity and some of these images are way too cool LOL ... However, it should stop there, there is absolutely no need to make up such wild lies too.... The final straw for me was when she put a page up I'd made for animal rights to be deleted, she refused to accept what she had done, pretended she had no idea what I was so upset about and my best friend challenged her over it and got a confession in the end ... Too late, damage done, liar once more exposed and enough was enough ... There was no sincerity at all in her apology and then she went on the abuse rampage with her daughter in tow .... That was the end of that ... I grew sick of her always slagging people down in private messages to me too ... Drama is not something I'm interested in ... That's that, no more.

Second example is more recent .... I'm a member of a wonderful social website, we all share the same interest and it's a fun and friendly, upbeat place with some really lovely people on there .... I joined in July last year and made some great friends .... I'm in awe of a lot of them as their graphics are just outstanding ... Anyway, back to when I joined, someone decided to add me as a friend on Facebook ... A short while after she deleted me and removed me as a friend at this other website ... It's ok, I get it that not everyone is going to like me and for some reason she took a dislike to me and that was that .... Or so I thought anyway .... I then discovered she was foul mouthing me to other members saying I'm arrogant and think I'm better than everyone else ... I guess they needed to make their own minds up but I still to this day have no idea where that came from and why she said that ... She was very bitchy to me when I was promoted for want of a better term... She stated I hadn't earned it ... Ok if that's how she feels, it's her opinion I guess .... I left well alone, but I did notice that thanks to a flag counter I was getting regular visits from who I suspected to be her ....Months later it turns out I was correct .... Everything I was doing she was copying .... It all came to a massive crunch when a friend of mine even pointed it out to me .... When I checked back, literally nearly everything I'd done had been copied ... She went off on one about it accusing me of copying her .... So, I asked for an investigation ... Yes, she was copying me .... Then the barrage of abuse continued from her and a couple of her friends ... Every day through profiles she was making after being kicked off, abuse and more abuse ... I still get visits from who I assume is her but thankfully no more abuse ... Also this website is very hot on behaviour like that and they simply will not tolerate drama and bitching.  

Ok so back to what I was originally saying .... Bullying online ... Yes adults do get bullied .... I think overall so much more needs to be done to tackle online bullying on a larger scale from child to adult .... Yes we can follow websites protocol ... We can block on some social media accounts but it's not a deterrent ... In my view it's the social media website's easy way out .... It's their way of saying sort it yourself as we don't wish to get involved .... But it simply doesn't work ... By blocking someone you invite them to make a fake account and watch/troll you via that account .... It doesn't work ... Laws need tightening on online abuse, the sooner the better and I also believe more awareness needs raising of adults being abused online ... It doesn't just happen to children, maybe adults  feel too embarrassed and ashamed to step forward and talk about this, but that can make you feel even more alone and it can hurt even more and just add to the distress .... Yes we are all adults and should behave in an adult manner and be grown up enough to sort it, but not all adults behave like decent and responsible adults, some are actually very manipulative, nasty, jealous, spoiled, evil poisonous brats with an abhorrent agenda on those they choose to target .... Their venomous tentacles attaching and sticking to those who are easily sucked in by them.... Please be careful online and above all, be kind ... You don't know what someone is going through in their life .... If you cannot be kind then just leave them be, you really don't have to make them such a big deal in your own life to the point you generate hatred, spread lies and make them the centre of your sad little world .... Enough said.