Saturday, 24 September 2016

Weekly Update + New Non Animated Tags 😀

Good morning ... It's Saturday morning here and I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in before I start mass cleaning day :) ... Saturday is always cleaning day here ... I don't mind as I don't really socialize much away from work and family and close knit friends, of which there are very few ... I also have an update in terms of my health ... I found a lump in my lower groin, on my pelvic bone, it's tender but I'm not worried about it other than it does cause pain ... I have received an appointment for a hysteroscopy on the 3rd November at Hertford County Hospital so I will be attending as I've come to the end of my tether with my lady problems ... I am hoping this procedure will stop them entirely .... I also have a hip X-Ray appointment next week and I can just go along whenever I can, it's like a walk in clinic where you hand the form in and just have the X-Ray done ... Pretty good method actually as you're not tied to any specific time ... It's like a blood test, you just go along when you can ... I have a feeling they might tell me it's the sarcoidosis causing this problem ... The pain first started in the lymph node area of my groin but now has spread ... I don't like to think on it too much as whatever it is I'm sure will be sorted out ... It's affecting my walking quite a bit now, I walk with a limp most of the time, my right leg is pained throughout because of this, I can never get comfortable either, I'm literally always in pain in my right side and leg now ... I'm on stronger painkillers and now taking ferrous sulphate for the anaemia ... 

Work wise, well, it has been quite a week ... My lovely boss has attended training to use our new Cypads, we are all new to this and it's very interesting learning how to use it, but it's also a brain strain too as we are all so new to it .. Training has been given and my boss has taken in a lot of information and not giving herself enough credit for how well she's learned so much of it in such a short space of time so all credit to her ... I've not taken too many clangs either this week but I do get annoyed when that happens or when the other lady in the kitchen I work with gestures to me like I'm a dog ... I think I might have to have a polite word about it ... Try and explain what it's like on the receiving end of such a gesture, without being unkind or rude .. Just need to pick my words carefully as I don't want to upset anyone .. I really do love my job and working there ... I feel so blessed in many ways as I know a lot of people dislike their jobs for one reason or another, I am also so lucky to be able to make it to work, I do fight this disease every day ..All sarcoidosis warriors do, but some are so poorly with it, they simply are unable to do the things they once could and it's so sad ... I count my blessing every single day and yes, sometimes I do forget how lucky I actually am ... My mindset alters at times and it's not a positive thing so I try and do stuff to keep me in a good place mentally ...

Ok speaking of being in a good place mentally, I have been a busy bee making some non animated tags for Facebook ... I've left them non animated as now, for some reason, when I post an animated tag to Facebook the colours depreciate so much, it just looks so awful and detracts from the real beauty of the creation  .... I will post them below now and also wish you all a very peaceful and positive, wonderful weekend ... All my love to you all and thank you for calling by and reading my blog!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Very Busy Week With Lots Of Ouch And Ooooh 😂

Oh my, what a week!! I kept saying all week, I'll blog today if I get time, yep ... I didn't get time LOL ... It's been completely mental ... Monday was a tough day for personal reasons, however I definitely believe and feel a positive outcome was achieved ... I am glad I have closure on a particular issue that has been plaguing my family for a while ... It's over and behind us thankfully and we can now move on .... Tuesday saw me taking a clonk in the kitchen I work in ... I won't go into the matter too much on here, suffice to say I do wish someone wasn't in such a hurry all the time as when they are, their actions result in injury, usually mine! I banged my head on the dishwasher, I'm talking a proper industrial dishwasher which is huge with a large metal handle ... I wasn't impressed ... I had to quickly move out the way to avoid a collision with this staff member and in doing so it resulted in me smacking my head ... It is not the way to behave at work .. It's not the first time I've taken an injury because of this person, it shouldn't happen ... Period! 

Now I've had my grumble let's move on to Wednesday which was B12 injection day ... I hate to be negative here, I am convinced the B12 does help but I never feel the benefit like that energy boost many speak about ... Nope, doesn't happen for me .. My last B12 count even with regular 3 monthly injections was only considered to be mid range and anyone who knows anything at all about B12 will know the serum test shows inactive B12 as well which is useless ... My actual B12 level therefore is much lower and I feel like I am teetering on the borderline of deficient once more ... Keeping in mind I have pernicious anaemia, I am terrified of getting sick like I was before I was eventually diagnosed ... Thursday I went to visit mum ... She's not improving at all ... It's so sad seeing her like this ... I really do need my mum ... I've never needed anyone like I need her ... I don't want to lose the one person who I am so close to even if I don't see her as much as I would like to ... She has no clue how poorly I am as I know she would worry and hiding it from her is very hard as she notices everything ... I can't walk properly any more as my right hip is now in so much pain, even with 3, 15/500 Co Codamol which I'm sure isn't wise to take so I do NOT advocate that or encourage anyone to do that!! DON'T! My blood test results are also abnormal ... I was expecting that though .... Friday is our busiest day at work ... It flew by ... Plus the weather had cooled down by then thankfully ... It has been a mostly humid week here, very hot temperatures for the time of year and way too hot to be working in a kitchen! ... But we got through it like we always do ... My favourite times in the week are definitely walking my little dog ... He and I must walk miles each week ... I find it so peaceful and calming and spending time with my little sweetheart is so fulfilling ... He really is the light of my life .. I'm sure I've mentioned that before, but he totally is LOL ... I absolutely adore him.

Tag wise I've been making some non animated ones for a change ... I haven't been on my Glitter Graphics account in a while so I would love to be able to take some time out to spend on there again soon ... I do find tag making so relaxing, I get lost in time pretty much as it flies by when I'm buried in Photoshop ... I still make animated ones, just haven't felt like doing so of late ... 

Anyway I will leave you with a few of my latest ones below and wish you a fantastic week ahead ... I do hope all is good with you, things here are ticking along ok at the moment, I hope they continue to do so as well ... I don't have much to report sarcoidosis wise, other than it's still there LOL ... I do wonder if my lungs are becoming more affected as I have noticed that very occasionally, when I laugh or I'm out of breath I feel crackles in my lungs ... But only very occasionally ... I just wish I knew what exactly is causing such awful pain in my right side, it's definitely progressively getting worse ... Anyway, here's a few of my latest tags ... Have a great week and thank you for calling by!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Got Lots Going On

Just a very quick update to first off, show off a new header I made :) ... Also to say I'm now back at work and life has become extremely busy once more ... I'm having more health issues, this time, very quickly and in a nutshell, I have to have an urgent referral to a Haematologist as my doctor suspects I might have a possible blood disorder ... It would explain some symptoms I've been having for a while but let's just wait and see on that score ... I will have my blood test results back in the week so hopefully I will know a bit more then either way ... I'm happy to be back at work, can't say as I relish the early mornings especially with being in this pain but it's one of them things ... I want to work for as long as I can ... I'm also very worried about my mum, she's not improving and it is such a worry ... I know she's 83 but I guess I look upon her as the invincible one ... I forget how vulnerable she is sometimes as she's always been there for me, held me up especially when Dave died .... Anyway I'm not going too much in depth now as it is late on Sunday night here and I have to be up bright and early ... I will hopefully have time to catch up later on in the week ... In the meantime thank you for calling by, please take good care of yourselves and have a wonderful start to your week ... Lots of love and hugs!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Much Better Day And Feeling Much Better ☀

Ok so after posting a couple of blogs where I wasn't in a good place, I'm now feeling a lot better .... I think part of it is I allow the illnesses I have to overwhelm me, I become very low in mood, it is a struggle to fight through pain and stress all the time, but yesterday I did something for me ... No one else, just me ... I took a selfish attitude on board and decided it is "me" day ... So ..... I had a long hot bath, washed my hair, then I decided to pamper myself and apply a fake tan ... I'd read about this one on Amazon and also done some research as to which one is a decent one to purchase, compared spray tan costs etc ....... It's an Art Naturals product and very easy to apply with the mitt .. There's no mess and it goes on beautifully, there's no stench of a thousand farts like some have and oh those 80's fake tans LOL .... So I applied, wore loose clothing after 10 minutes, went shopping to the supermarket and walked my dog, Eddie .... I checked my appearance last night and had a gorgeous glow ... I also after a number of hours, probably around 6, noticed that awful fake tan smell was rearing it's head ... However, if you apply this product the night before, then really it shouldn't be an issue as you'll be showering the next morning anyway before you start your day .... I'm not really into fake tans but this one definitely tops the bill as the best one I have ever applied ... I have one tiny streak on my right leg ... Other than that I look like I've had a nice break from it all in Australia LOL ... No oompa Loompa orange either ... Just a lovely, healthy glow .... After all the stress of this holiday, yesterday was much needed .... I also am still having to accept that I am wild at heart, I will always hold this feeling of wanting to be free, I find myself so much happier walking my dog, outside, in the fields, the woods, anywhere where nature is rich in abundance ... I also love the beach ... I've always been a more outdoors type of person ... That's never changed .. However, I am more recluse than I ever was before 2005 .... 

Today I am having wrist tattoos as well, I am so looking forward to seeing Michael Rose ... He did my lower back tattoo many years ago ... I haven't seen him since but I know from just reading up on him, he has an incredible reputation ... I'm so looking forward to it ... I met his wife and was chatting with her on and off for most of the day when my son had his upper arm done .... She's gorgeous and such a lovely lady.

On that note, I need to sign off and have my bath and get ready ... I hope you all have a wonderful day today and that life is kind to you ... Lots of love and hugs xxxxxx